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The Benefits Of Conservative Dentistry For Children

At Saginaw Kids Dentistry, our goal is to provide a caring, comfortable, and gentle dental experience. We offer all conservative treatment options and explore all of these options with you. It is our goal to keep your child's teeth healthy and strong so they can avoid more invasive restorative treatments. We are happy to offer a wide array of gentle and minimally invasive services. Some of these options may not work for every child or every tooth, but by focusing on minimally-invasive techniques, Dr. Elias and Dr. Christina can ensure your child is safe and comfortable.

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Save Time & Money

Conservative care helps you save time and money. For example, using a filling instead of a dental crown results in a cheaper treatment, and fewer visits to the dentist.


Less Intimidating Treatment Process

Conservative care reduces the need for complex oral surgeries and treatments, making it easier for your child to get the care they need.

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Preserve Your Child’s Tooth

We will always try to save your child’s natural teeth, and will never recommend treatments like extractions unless it’s absolutely necessary. It’s always better for kids to keep their natural teeth whenever possible.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

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We exclusively offer tooth colored fillings at Saginaw Kids Dentistry. These fillings require the removal of less tooth structure during the preparation process. They are also strong and durable. Unlike amalgam fillings, our tooth-colored fillings look very natural so they won't affect your child's appearance.

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What Is Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF?)

Silver diamine fluoride may be an alternative to fillings for baby teeth. It only takes a few seconds to apply. Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina will apply the SDF directly to the cavity with a small brush to prevent the cavity from worsening. The liquid does permanently stain the cavity black, but in some cases it can be combined with a white filling to minimize the appearance, and we can always remove the staining at a later date when your child can tolerate more advanced treatment. SDF may be a good option if you don't think a filling is right for your child, or if your child can't safely tolerate a filling due to age or cooperation.

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SDF Treatment Process & Benefits

SDF takes only a few minutes to apply. Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina will simply gently clean your child’s tooth then apply the SDF with a small brush. It will harden in just a few minutes. 

SDF has a lot of benefits. It’s completely non-invasive and requires no enamel removal. It also is very affordable, and requires only one quick visit to the dentist. Often, it can be done as part of a routine teeth cleaning, making it even more convenient.

Expert Conservative Dentists

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Our team will always recommend the right treatment for your budget, your preferences, and your child’s unique situation.

Hall CrownS

The hall crown technique is a method of placing a crown over a tooth which involves no numbing. The affected tooth is cleaned and disinfected, and the cement used to place the crown stops the cavity from progressing, and the baby tooth naturally adjusts to the fit of the crown over time. Not all patients can have a crown placed with the hall technique. Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina will discuss these options for eligible children.

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Teeth Cleaning

First, Dr. Christina or Dr. Elias will gently clean the tooth. No drilling is required for the Hall Crown technique, unlike traditional fillings and crowns. That means no numbing shots are needed, either.

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Stainless Steel Crown Placement

Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina will place a pre-fitted stainless steel crown over the tooth, covering up the damaged and decayed surface.

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Typically, you don’t need to do anything special to care for your child’s mouth. Just make sure to come back to our office for your child’s next six-month teeth cleaning and oral exam.

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