Pediatric Crowns in Saginaw, TX

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Restore Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

If your child has a damaged or decayed tooth in Saginaw, our team is here to help. Dr. Christina and Dr. Elias have decades of combined experience in pediatric restorative dentistry, and can treat damaged and decayed teeth with high quality and long lasting crowns. We offer the newest and most durable crowns. We always keep your child's smile our priority. As a result, our team will never use all stainless steel crowns in the front.

Common Reasons for Crowns

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Large Cavities

Dental crowns are commonly used to to restore teeth with large cavities that cannot be repaired with a dental filling.


Cracked Or Damaged Teeth

Since crowns can cover up and protect the entire tooth structure, they are ideal for treating cracked and broken teeth caused by dental injuries. With our crowns, your child's smile will be restored and your child can get back to their normal routine.

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After a Pulpotomy or Pulpectomy

After a nerve treatment with a pulpotomy or a pulpectomy, a crown is the best way for Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina to cover up and protect the tooth from any future damage.

What Is A Dental Crown?

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Dental crowns are hollow, false teeth. They are designed to cover up your child’s entire tooth, and to replace the outer surface with a durable, decay-resistant material. We offer both white custom-made crowns and pre-fitted stainless steel crowns at Saginaw Kids Dentistry.

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The Benefits Of White Zirconia Crowns

Zirconia crowns are tooth colored, and are made to look and feel just like natural teeth. They are also very durable. We offer these crowns for front and back baby teeth.

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The White Zirconia Crown Treatment Process

First, your child will come in for an appointment to have their tooth prepared. Dr. Christina or Dr. Elias will clean their mouth, numb the area, and trim the tooth. Then, they’ll take molds of the teeth and send them to a dental lab where the crown will be made.

You’ll come to Saginaw Kids Dentistry in a few weeks, once your child’s crown is finished and has arrived at our office. Then, the crown will be checked and permanently bonded into place by Dr. Christina or Dr. Elias.

Strong Smiles, Happy kids

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Dr. Christina and Dr. Elias are here to help your child get relief from pain and discomfort, and to prevent future complications.

The Benefits Of Stainless Steel Crowns

Stainless steel crowns are a great option for treating damaged baby teeth. Here are a few benefits of choosing a pre-fitted steel crown.

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No Tooth Preparation

Unlike custom white crowns and even fillings, no drilling is usually required to prepare your child’s tooth, simplifying their treatment.

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Takes One Appointment

Your child can get a crown in just one day. White crowns usually take at least 2 appointments.

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Great Long-Term Results

Stainless steel crowns provide long-term protection and will keep your child’s baby tooth intact until it falls out naturally. 

Stainless Steel Crowns

Dr. Elias and Dr. Christina are also experts in placing stainless steel crowns. These crowns are very durable and strong, which makes them perfect for treating baby teeth and protecting them until they fall out naturally as your child grows. These crowns are only used for back teeth.

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White Stainless Steel Crowns

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Saginaw Kids Dentistry also offers white stainless steel crowns. These crowns still have the durability of a stainless steel crown, but have a white, tooth-like veneer on the front, providing better cosmetic results.

Which Option Is Right For My Child?

This depends on the affected tooth, your child’s age, your budget, and a variety of other factors. We recommend consulting with Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina at Saginaw Kids Dentistry to learn more.

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