Frenectomies in Saginaw, TX

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Common Symptoms Of Tongue & Lip Ties

Are you concerned that your child may have tongue or lip ties? There are a few signs you can look out for to determine if you should come to Saginaw Kids Dentistry for a consult with Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina.

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Issues Breastfeeding Or Bottle Feeding

Both tongue and lip ties can make it hard for your child to latch properly onto the breast or bottle. Some mothers may also experience discomfort due to improper latching. Sometimes, you may also hear "clicking" noises when your child tries to suckle. If you experience any of these symptoms, please give Dr. Christina or Dr. Elias a call at 682-285-1900.


Low Weight Gain

Due to problems with feeding, children with tongue or lip ties may struggle to gain weight at the expected rate.

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Speech Impediments

Some kids with tongue ties may have trouble making certain sounds that involve the tongue contacting the upper teeth, like “t” “d” and “z.”

What Is A Tongue/Lip Tie?

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Tongue ties and lip ties are related, but distinct from one another. A tongue tie happens when the band of tissue (frenulum) connecting the tongue to the base of the mouth is too thick and overdeveloped. Lip ties are similar, but affect the frenulum connecting the upper, lower, or both lips.

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Are Frenectomies Safe?

Yes, frenectomies are a very common and safe procedure. At Saginaw Kids Dentistry, we offer the latest laser technology. This results in:

Quick, Non-Invasive Treatment completed in just a few minutes

No Pain and Discomfort

No Bleeding or Need for Sutures

Rapid Healing and Recovery

Get A Tongue/Lip Tie Assessment

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We offer consultations for tongue and lip ties so you can get peace of mind and the answers you need.

The Benefits Of Frenectomies

Choosing to get a laser frenectomy for your child at Saginaw Kids Dentistry has a variety of benefits.

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Better Feeding For Infants

Tongue ties can result in low weight and failure to thrive due to breast or bottle-feeding difficulties. A frenectomy eliminates these issues.

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Restore Oral Range Of Motion

Your child will be able to move their tongue and lips freely and normally after treatment.

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Avoid Speech Impediments

Early treatment eliminates the risk of your child developing a speech impediment due to tongue ties.

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Laser Frenectomy Process

Dr. Christina and Dr. Elias take a holistic approach to diagnosing tongue and lip tie attachments. If your child is having any issues and if our doctors feel that a frenectomy will be beneficial, our office will help schedule your child's treatment right away. During the treatment, your child will be held safely and securely, and a soft tissue laser will be used to release their tongue or lip tie. This entire process takes only a few minutes, and typically no numbing or sutures are required.

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Frenectomy Aftercare

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Dr. Christina or Dr. Elias will recommend instructions on tongue and/or lip tie exercises after your child's frenectomy treatment. Our doctors would also do a complimentary follow up visit to make sure you did these exercises properly and to reevaluate the quick healing process.

Get A Complimentary Consultation

Not sure if your child needs a frenectomy? We offer free, no-commitment consultations for kids who may have tongue and lip ties. Call us at (682) 285-1900 to get started.

Get Help With Tongue And Lip Ties

Dr. Christina and Dr. Elias are here to help with fast, safe laser frenectomies

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