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Why Would My Child Need A Dental Crown?

There are lots of reasons that your child may need a dental crown to protect their mouth. And at Saginaw Kids Dentistry, our mission is to protect their smile. No matter the reason that your child needs a crown, Dr. Elias and Dr. Christina will provide the child-friendly care they need in a comfortable environment. Here are just a few reasons why your child may need a crown in Saginaw, TX.

Common Reasons for Crowns

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Deep cavities

If your child has a very deep cavity in their tooth, a filling may not be appropriate. Large fillings tend to be unstable and may wear out quickly. Crowns offer superior protection, and will help keep the tooth healthy and prevent further decay.


Oral injuries

If your child breaks or chips a tooth, a dental crown is usually the best way to repair their tooth and restore their smile. Depending on the extent of the damage, endodontic treatment like a pulpotomy (baby root canal) may also be needed to restore the inside of the tooth.

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Infected tooth

Tooth infections can happen due to oral injuries or deep cavities that reach the inside (pulp) of the tooth. A treatment like a pulpotomy will be necessary to remove the infection. After the infection has been treated, Dr. Elias or Dr. Christina will “cap” and cover the tooth with a dental crown. This protects the tooth from further damage.


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Silver Diamine Fluoride

Silver Diamine Fluoride

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SDF (Silver Diamine Fluoride) is a non-invasive treatment used as an alternative to fillings. In this treatment, a mixture of silver, ammonia, fluoride, and water is applied to a decayed tooth. SDF hardens the tooth and kills the decay. This stains the tooth, but protects it from further damage. This is ideal for baby teeth, since they will fall out and be replaced by adult teeth in the future.

The Benefits Of A Dental Home

Making Saginaw Kids Dentistry your child’s dental home ensures they will become more familiar with the dental process, develop a healthy attitude toward dentistry, and create life-long relationships with our team. We’ll also be able to keep a close eye on their oral health and development, which ensures their smile stays strong as they grow.

Protect Your Baby’s Teeth

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